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Marc Allen- Woods Cross High School

The following was submitted by Tesha Schouten.

“The reason I am nominating this man for teacher appreciation is because he helped me a lot though school. I wasn’t doing the best, I had family members pass and I had gotten kicked out, while working 2 jobs and managing school, I got I to drugs.

Not only was he helping me to succeed. He was there for me, the only one I had. He was my friend as well. He worked with my work schedule and stayed later than he usually would, just because he knew what I was going through.

If it was for Mr. Allen, I would not come as far as I have today. He has helped so many other students. He CARES about ALL his students. For him I am forever grateful. He’s the only reason I did graduate, because he was the one who pushed me enough, talked me through it, did my assignments with me. He is very good at explaining his lessons and curriculum.

I got pregnant with my son, he didn’t scold me or tell me how to raise him, he only helped me. He told me that I can do whatever I can dream of. For the first time I finally thought I could. He has inspired me to become a teacher. I can’t thank him enough. Please give him at least an honorable mention. He doesn’t get it enough.”