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Utah grocery store plans to send a donut to space

Photo courtesy of Tim Boyle/Getty Images

KAYSVILLE, UT– An independent grocery store plans to send a donut to space to celebrate National Donut Day.

According to a Facebook post, Bowman’s Market, a local store in Kaysville, says they will launch a donut into space if weather permits on June, 7th at 10 AM.

“The donut, which may provide the only welcome “hole” in the ozone layer, will be placed on a piece of glass attached to a box containing camera and GPS equipment,” Bowman’s said in a press release. 

The donut will be tracked every 60 seconds, according to the statement.

Bowman’s explains, “the box, or payload, is attached to an open parachute. The parachute is fastened to a weather balloon filled with helium.”

Eventually, the balloon will burst and “the parachute then takes over as the donut makes its way back to Earth,” says Bowman’s.

The idea sprouted from baker/flight director Noah Wenzel.

“It’s been an extremely rewarding project so far,” said Wenzel. “We view ourselves as a unique store and launching a donut into space matches up without mission to do fun and extraordinary things in our community.”

A test run was scheduled for May, 29th. The launch of the donut will either take place in the store parking lot or a local park.