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Box Elder County
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Are You Looking for an Inexpensive Family-Friendly Trip? Box Elder County Has You Covered with 3 Cool Spots to Visit This Weekend

This article about Box Elder County activities is sponsored by Box Elder Tourism.

Box Elder County is home to some amazing places you might not even have known existed in Utah. From Spiral Jetty to Brigham City, there is so much to see. Here are 3 inexpensive yet fun activities to do in Box Elder County.

Crystal Hot Springs

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Many People know about Lava Hot Springs just north of the border of Idaho and Utah, but did you know you can run away to some amazing hot springs here in Utah too? Crystal Hot Springs boasts pools from 120 to 134 degrees F and the mineral content of the healing waters is higher than any other hot springs in the world. Crystal Hot Springs boasts the highest mineral content in the world.

Golden Spike National Historical Park

An hour and a half drive north and you’ll find yourself at one of the most historic places in Utah: Golden Spike National Historical Park. It’s been 152 years since the country’s western and eastern railway systems were united at Promontory Summit, UT. Although the larger 150th celebration is over, reenactments take place on Saturdays and Holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Plus, you can see demonstrations of replicas of the mighty Jupiter and 119 locomotives from May through October.

Northrop Grumman Rocket Garden

When exploring Box Elder, make sure you stop at the Northrop Grumman Rocket Garden. The garden is about 35 miles outside of Brigham City (right down the street from Golden Spike National Historical Park), but it’s worth it if you have space fans in the family. Northrop Grumman made the rockets that were used to lift the space shuttle into space. Northrop Grumman even occasionally tests some of their new up-and-coming rockets that will later be used by  NASA. The rocket garden is a fun way to see some amazing technology, and it’s free!

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