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These 5 Amazing Adventure Activities Are What You and Your Family Need to Check Out at the Olympic Park in Utah Before the Summer is Over!

Photo: Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park - Utah Olympic Legacy FoundationThis article about the Olympic Park in Utah is sponsored by the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation.

How would you like to spend next weekend becoming an Olympian for a day? That’s exactly what this historical park is offering. And you get to see where history took place during the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. So what 5 adventure activities can you do at the Utah Olympic Park?

1. Extreme Tubing

The 2002 Olympic Winter Games featured incredible Nordic ski jumps. You’ve probably seen the famous ski jumps at the Park, but did you know you can go down them on an inner tube? You can reach speeds of up to 50 mph going down the same jumps Olympic level athletes still train on!

2. Alpine Slide

It’s no surprise that their Alpine Slide at the Park is one of the best, most comfortable alpine slides in the country. Plus, you get some of the best views of the Snyderville Basin. And as smooth and comfortable as it is, it’s still one of the most thrilling alpine slides with straightaways, drops, and 11 banked contours. You won’t want to miss it!

3. Extreme Zipline

Maybe you didn’t get the thrills you wanted to out of the extreme tubing? That’s weird… But you’re in luck! The Extreme Zipline has you covered. You can fly high just like an Olympic skier over the massive Nordic K120 jump! And, like the Extreme Tubing, you’ll hit speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! The Extreme Zipline, the Alpine Slide, and the Extreme tubing are all part of the Park’s Jumpside Pass!

4. Flying Ace All-Stars

Each Saturday until September 5th, you can catch an amazing high flying performance of the Flying Ace All-Stars! You’ll be able to see Olympians and National Team skiers and snowboarders perform incredible tricks off the Park’s summer ski jumps. They’ll shoot up 60 feet in the air, then land in the Park’s Spence Eccles Olympic Freestyle Pool. It’s an incredible spectacle for the whole family!

5. Bobsled Rides

Lastly, you have to try the Summer Bobsled experience where you can ride on the same track that was home to the bobsled, skeleton, and luge events during the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games! Their pilot will take you and two other people up to 60 miles per hour in less than a minute! And it is a RUSH!

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