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Critically injured man left at a Maverik parking lot South Salt Lake
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Critically injured man left in a Maverik parking lot in South Salt Lake

(Two officers looking over the crime scene at the Maverik. Credit: South Salt Lake Police Facebook)

SOUTH SALT LAKE – Police are trying to track down who may have been behind a shooting that sent a man to the hospital in critical condition.  Investigators say the victim was left in a Maverik parking lot. 

Officers were called to the Maverik on West Temple near 3300 South after a Dodge Durango pulled into the parking lot around 6:30 a.m.

South Salt Lake Police Officer Danielle Croyle says, “They were there for a minute, then the front passenger gets out of the vehicle.”

(Credit: South Salt Lake Police Facebook)

Croyle says that the passenger fell to the ground shortly after getting out of the vehicle, with apparent gunshot wounds.  The driver took off.

“The male had stumbled out of the vehicle with significant injuries to the face and head,” she says.

Investigators still have a lot of questions.  For instance, they’re not certain if the victim was shot inside the car, or if he was shot somewhere else then taken to the Maverik.  They also don’t have a good description of the suspect, but the suspect vehicle is described as a silver-blue Dodge Durango, possibly early 2000s model.

The victim’s injuries were so severe, he hasn’t been able to speak with anyone.

“We obviously have a video canvass going on, but we have been unable to get any details from the victim,” Croyle says.  “The detectives have been unable to interview the victim.”

Croyle says they do have security video from the Maverik, but they’re trying to enhance it to get a better picture of what happened.  Anyone with possible details in the case is being asked to call police at 801-840-4000.


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