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These last-minute gifts could be perfect for your weekend gardener

These are some of the last minute gift ideas for your favorite gardeners. (Photo: Canva)

It’s the time of year when last-minute gift shopping is top of mind. Here’s a list put together by the KSL Greenhouse show outlining just some of the last minute options for the gardeners in your life. 

Last-minute gifts for gardeners


Last minute gifts for gardeners

Battery operated sprayer 

Hand Pruners

Last minute gifts for gardeners

Japenese Garden Knife 

Japenese Garden Knives

Collapsible Rake 


Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds

Germination Kit

Last minute gifts for gardeners


Moisture Meter

moisture meter

Tip from our listener Bart! 

Battery-powered hand pruners are a great gift for someone who may need a little more assistance! 

The KSL Greenhouse Show wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season! Enjoy your last minute gifts! 


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