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  • AP

    Average US price of gas drops 9 cents per gallon to $2.84

    The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline dropped 9 cents per gallon (3.8 liters) over the past three weeks, to $2.84.
  • Officer William Barnett, Taylorsville

    The following post was submitted as a nomination for Officer William Barnett.
  • Officer Preston Casey, Centerville

    During this past year Centerville Police Officer Preston Casey has faced difficult personal and professional tragedies, despite these difficulties he maintained a positive attitude and became even more sensitive to challenges faced by others.
  • Lieutenant Eric Stucki, Utah State Parks

    While attending his son's basketball game, Lt. Stucki performed CPR on a boy until the ambulance could arrive.
  • Officer Steve Olson, Cottonwood Heights

    As I sat waiting for my order, a police officer entered pushing a bike. Initially, I thought he was perhaps a bike cop; however, I quickly realized that something else was going on.
  • Chief Wade Carpenter and Officer Phil Kirk, Park City

    After breaking down in the middle of an intersection, Park City police officers pushed my car to safety. They then used their own money to fill my gas tank.
  • Randy Thomason, South Ogden

    Sergeant Thomason went above and beyond to assist a vulnerable man in need.
  • Detective Scott Lloyd, Taylorsville

    On March 6th Detective Lloyd was presenting to a group of students when he was asked to respond to a behavioral emergency in one of our special education classrooms.Detective Lloyd was calm, empathetic, and used de-escalation techniques to provide support to the distressed student.
  • Officer Kenny Rose, Lehi

    My husband was Officer Joseph Dan Adams who worked for Lehi Police Department and was killed in the line of duty in 2001. Kenny was and continues to be a true friend to our family through acts of service.
  • K9 Officer Rino, Davis County

    Thank you Officer McEwen for your example in our school; but more importantly, thank you to you and Reno for your service in our community.