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Layton Police search for woman accused of scamming elderly

(Screen grab of suspect accused of stealing from elderly people. Credit: Layton Police, Twitter)

LAYTON – Investigators say a woman who scammed and robbed elderly people in a Layton assisted living center is still on the loose, and they hope recently released surveillance footage can help track her down.

The woman is seen on video in the halls of the Fairfield Village in late January.  Police say she got into the building, then went door-to-door, asking for money.

Layton Police Lieutenant Travis Lyman says, “She was trying to make her way into the apartments to talk to them about possibly giving her a donation for what she said was an LDS mission that she was collecting money to go on.”

However, the suspect apparently wasn’t happy with just talking with people in their doorways.

“She would make her way into the apartments, sometimes, almost pushing past the person who answered the door,” Lyman says.

While inside, the suspect would excuse herself to go to the bathroom.  The victims sat in their living room while the scammer reportedly went through the bedroom and bathroom, taking whatever she could.  Lyman says the woman took at least $100 worth of cash, jewelry or other items from each of her four victims.

He says, “It wasn’t until after she left the apartments that the people who live there started looking around and realized things were missing.”

Lyman believes this woman might be connected to similar crimes that happened in assisted living centers in South Jordan and Bountiful.

“In those cases, there were two women, working together, basically approaching residents at their door and saying the same thing.  They were collecting money for an LDS mission,” he says.