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Orem among the top 25 best cities to Trick or Treat in America

(Photo: Shutterstock via CNN)

OREM, Utah — Utah kids have a Halloween treat in their own backyard: Orem is on the list of the top 25 cities in the nation for trick or treating. 

In 2018 Orem was number two. Last year it was number one. This year it dropped to number 25.

This year the number one spot on the top 25 cities in America to trick or treat went to Vacaville, California.

SmartAsset analyzes family friendliness, safety, weather, and candy and costumes.

Within those metrics, the rankings are based on the number of kids, single family housing density, crime rates, and the forecast.

But this year they also added in Covid-19 infection rates and that may have precipitated Orem’s fall on the list.

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Orem consistently ranks near the very top of the list, changing places with Nampa, Idaho. The exception came in 2015, when Lehi was ranked number two and Orem number three.

Orem’s deputy city manager told the Daily Herald that trick-or-treating is a tradition for many families, and they hope they will stay safe this year.


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