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Sandy places new safety posts along trails

SANDY – City leaders have unveiled a new trail marker system that they hope will make it easier for rescuers to find stranded hikers.  It’s getting high praise from hikers.

Sandy city officials say the Granite Trailhead is one of the most popular destinations in the county, with thousands of people coming each week in the summer.  “You can be here from anywhere in the valley in about 20 minutes,” says Sandy Fire Chief Bruce Cline

That’s why they’re launching their trail marker system here, which operates similar to a mile marker system you’d see on freeways.  The trail is color coded, with a posted location number so rescuers can find a stranded hiker quicker.  Cline says it’s easy for hikers to lose track of their location.  “We’ve had reports of an injured person that says they were above the reservoir, but, they hadn’t come to the reservoir, yet.”

The numbers on each post will give rescuers a better picture of what they would need to carry while attempting a rescue.  Cline says, “If we’re not going all the way to the waterfall, we’re not going to have to take our water rescue gear.  Maybe, they’re off the trail because of a hurt ankle.  We could take our splints, and those kinds of things.”

Posts have been added along a portion of the Granite Trail, and they plan on adding posts in Bell Canyon.  They’re also hoping to place some in Dimple Dell and the Rocky Mouth Trail.

Some hikers say with a steady number of hikers getting lost or stuck on the trail, posts like these are a good thing.  One says, “I think it’s really smart.  I don’t know why they didn’t think about doing this earlier.”