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Driver clocked going 103 mph in Thanksgiving snowstorm

File photo: Getty Images

SANTAQUIN, Utah — Utah Highway Patrol troopers are urging drivers to take it easy with another snowstorm on the way, after stopping a driver they say was driving 103 miles an hour on Thanksgiving.

UHP tweeted out an image of the ticket issued by the trooper, whose sergeant sent it to the agency’s public affairs team.

Troopers say they “had a white knuckle time” stopping the driver on I-15 near Santaquin in Utah County on Thanksgiving Day. The ticket indicated the driver was headed north near mile marker 243 when he or she was accused of driving 103 miles per hour in a 75 mph zone.

Under suggested fine and bail guidelines for the state, drivers going 28 miles over the speed limit could face fines starting at $370. Other factors can affect the exact amount.

The snowstorm that arrived in waves earlier this week caused concern and consternation among public safety officials. At one point, as many as seven troopers, deputies or other law enforcement officers survived collisions with drivers who lost control in the conditions.

Authorities have not yet filed or announced any potential charges for the driver in the Thanksgiving speeding stop.