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Romney’s Senate campaign war chest includes $1 million from presidential bids

SALT LAKE CITY — Most of Mitt Romney’s cash to run for Utah’s U.S. Senate seat comes from two other campaigns of his.

The Republican transferred $1 million from his “Romney for President, Inc.” account into his Utah senate race account, where he now has $1.15 million.

Romney started the account before his first presidential run ten years ago. The Deseret News got the numbers from the Federal Election Commission.

One of Romney’s GOP challengers, Larry Meyers, says he’s not surprised. A Democratic challenger, Jenny Wilson, says she wonders if Romney will transfer any money from when he ran for Massachusetts governor.

Romney is one of more than ten people hoping to fill the seat being left vacant by the retirement of long-serving Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who was first elected in 1976, more than 40 years ago. The field includes at least ten Republican hopefuls, two Democrats, and one or more Libertarian or other third party candidates.