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5 Ways To Spend Your Salt Lake City Layover at Temple Square

Do you have a 3-hour layover in Salt Lake City or more? Do yourself a favor and get outside of the Salt Lake City Airport. A Salt Lake City layover is a great opportunity to turn your time in Utah into a “layover vacation” and see one of Utah’s most popular tourist attractions, Temple Square. Millions of people visit Temple Square every year. It’s as popular as Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. And it’s very easy to get there from the airport. Any taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver can get you there in just a few minutes. You can also take public transportation. Just jump on the Green Line train right outside the airport. It will take you straight there.

Whether you’re spending a few hours or a few days in Salt Lake City, Temple Square deserves to be at the top of your to-do list. Here are 5 fun things to do at Temple Square during your Salt Lake City layover.

01) Free Guided Temple Square Tours

The easiest way to see Temple Square is by taking one of the Temple’s free guided tours. There are several to choose from, depending on how you want to spend your time. Tours run all day. Or you can go to and book a time convenient for you and your schedule. Here are some of the great tours to choose from:

The main Temple Square Tour is a great place to start. It’s a quick and uplifting 45 minutes and you’ll learn all about the temple and its important purpose. The tour is a mix of history, faith, and amazing beauty.

History buffs will love The Beehive House Tour. The 30-minute tour features a museum displaying objects belonging to Brigham Young and his family. Young was the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Utah’s first governor.

The Conference Center Tour features the amazing 21,000-seat auditorium, an impressive artwork collection, and Temple Square’s four-acre rooftop gardens.

02) Family History Library

How well do you know your family’s history? Temple Square’s Family History Library is the largest library of its kind. It is full of fun and interactive resources that will help you explore your family’s history. The library contains records and genealogical data for over 3 billion deceased ancestors from around the world. The research and documents that you compile at the library will be treasured in your family for generations. What an amazing souvenir from your Salt Lake City layover experience.

03) Self-Guided Tours

If you don’t think you have enough time for a guided tour, then just strike out on your own. The entire Temple Square complex is perfect for wandering. Temple Square’s website has all the information you’ll need to create your own self-guided tour. There are countless beautiful and historic works of art everywhere. And if you need it, there is usually a Temple Square volunteer nearby ready with information and directions.

04) Temple Square Dining

Before you head back to the Salt Lake City Airport, don’t forget to grab something to eat. Temple Square has four different dining options ranging from the elegant and formal, to casual.

If you’re a traveler who loves food that reflects local culture, then I have two quick food recommendations. And you can even bring them back to the airport. Enjoy the homemade fresh turkey pot pie at Nauvoo Cafe. Then walk over to the Lion House for the sting of their famous Sting Of The Bee cake. Bees and beehives are a historic symbol of Utah and trust me, this cake is delicious.

And if you have time, both The Roof Restaurant and The Garden Restaurant are unique dining experiences. The Roof Restaurant is Utah’s premier gourmet dining buffet located on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. And The Garden Restaurant features incredible views of both Temple Square and downtown Salt Lake City. Don’t forget to try their signature fried pickles appetizer.

05) The Tabernacle

Temple Square is also home to the historic Mormon Tabernacle Choir, one of the world’s most recognized and revered musical organizations. Although you may not get a chance to see the Choir, you can tour The Tabernacle. The building is known for its acoustic perfection. The dome-shaped auditorium is so acoustically sensitive that a pin dropped at the pulpit can be clearly heard at the back of the hall, 170 feet away. The Tabernacle also features an 11,623 pipe organ where an organist performs a free recital Monday – Saturday: 12:00 pm and Sunday – 2:00 pm.

Spending Your Salt Lake City Layover at Temple Square

You’ll have a great time at Temple Square. It’s a great way to spend a Salt Lake City layover. The experience will no doubt leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted and ready for the rest of your trip. And getting back to the airport from Temple Square is just as easy as getting there.

You can see more from Temple Square in the KSL Newsradio app, KSL-TV app or in the embedded video player below. Thanks for reading!