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Todd Summerhays – Olympus High School

The teachers at Olympus High are outstanding, but only one teacher stands out among the rest. Todd Summerhays, who teaches both Honors Physics and AP Physics, is the one teacher who stands out. Mr. Summerhays has been teaching at Olympus for two years now and he has won the hearts of his students in full. Every student that is questioned about Mr. Summerhays has nothing but positive, upbeat things to say about him.

Mr. Summerhays designates all of his time to the students. He comes in early in the mornings, stays late after school, gives up his lunch time to help students, and for his AP students, he gives them his home phone number to call him when they need help on their homework after school. He makes sure that every one of his students fully understands the material and is prepared for every test and quiz. He is most willing to help and he encourages the students to ask questions. Especially those in his AP class to call him if they are struggling.

Mr. Summerhays is an amazing teacher who loves his students and can find humor in every situation. He understands what the students are going through and he knows how to best help them through their problems. I think that Mr. Summerhays should be nominated simply because of how hard he works for the students, how much time he gives up for us, and how amazing of a teacher he really is.

-Randy Demke