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Lime is hoping to improve air quality in Utah through donation program

photo; Getty Images

SALT LAKE CITY — Lime, the electric scooter company, announced Tuesday they are partnering with the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) to help improve air quality in Salt Lake City.

Lime Hero is a donation program. Riders can choose if they would like to round up the cost or add a small percentage to their ride and donate it to a local cause.

“Cities throughout Utah have demonstrated how micromobility options combined with good bike infrastructure and a quality transit system can really work together for the benefit of residents and visitors alike,” said Jonathan Hopkins, Lime’s director of strategic development in the North West.

“By working together with UCAIR, we can further contribute to clean air across Utah, which benefits everyone,” Hopkins said.

It’s easy to notice the electric scooters placed all around Salt Lake City. In a report released by Lime, during their most recent trip, 30% of riders used Lime’s services to replace traveling by car, and 40% say they use the service for commuting to and from work or school.

In a statement, Thom Carter, Executive Director of UCAIR said, “Every Lime scooter ride decreases mobile emissions. The fewer vehicle emissions, the better our air quality will be. And now, riders can double down on their efforts by rounding up the cost of their ride. Every few cents multiplied by thousands of rides each month creates resources to fund exchanges and other programs to continue our progress toward cleaner air.”

Lime officials say their company is the first in the industry to create 100% carbon-free electric fleet and invest in clean energy projects around the globe.