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Pedestrian hit crossing Park City street as Sundance starts

Police responded quickly after an SUV struck a pedestrian on Park Avenue on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020. Photo: Sean Moody, KSL TV

PARK CITY — Police say a pedestrian is in serious condition after she was struck by a vehicle while crossing Park Avenue in the crosswalk Thursday morning, the first day of the Sundance Film Festival.

“As we have it from witnesses, the lights were flashing, and a black SUV traveled through the intersection or crosswalk and hit her,” said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Randall Richey.

The accident took place at Park Avenue’s intersection with Homestake Road.

Richey says the driver stayed on the scene and was cooperating with the investigation. He says a doctor who happened to be nearby immediately started to help the victim.

Authorities are warning drivers to be more careful to avoid any pedestrian accidents now that the Sundance Film Festival has started.

“It’s extremely busy up here, there are a ton of pedestrians everywhere. You always have to watch for pedestrians. Sometimes there’s snow blocking different paths, and they may come out where you are not expecting them,” said Richey.