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Seat Recline Fight: Woman says she was assaulted after reclining seat on flight

In this real situation a row of unidentifiable passengers are sitting in their seats on an airplane. The seating is tight. Their legs are touching the seats in front of them.

To recline or not to recline? Wendi Williams says she is now reaching out to the FBI after she decided to recline her seat and claims she was then assaulted by a man on an American Airlines flight for doing so.

Williams was on a flight from New Orleans to Charlotte N.C. on an American Eagle aircraft (a subsidiary of American Airlines) when she reclined her seat.

She says the man sitting in the last row of the plane behind her asked if she could sit back up so he could have some space to eat.

She did put her seat back up, then says when she noticed he was finished eating, she reclined again.

“At that point, he started hammering away at me!” Williams wrote on Twitter.

“He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times – HARD,” she says. Which is when she began to record the incident.

Seat Recline Fight

After complaining to a flight attendant, Williams says she rolled her eyes and offered the man behind her a complimentary drink.

Social media was sharply divided about what is and is not proper seat etiquette while flying, with some coming down in strong favor of Williams, and some saying that she shouldn’t have reclined her seat.


Williams says she has been contacted by American Airlines, and they did respond to her complaint but she says she will be contacting the FBI.