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First of 50 “Hoarded cats” now up for adoption

It’s one of what Salt Lake County Animal Service call its bigger cases involving hoarding.  Now the first dozen of more than 50 cats, ranging through all ages, are up for adoption at the shelter.

Spokeswoman Callista Pearson said a concerned neighbor alerted them to the situation earlier.  “An officer went in and spoke with the owners, and told them the cats would be better off if we were able to provide the care for them, get them spayed and neutered, provide them with medication and get them adopted out,” Pearson said.

Pearson said some of the smaller cats were malnourished, others had eye infections and some had to have eyes removed.  She said they come from the same family and many are in-bred, giving them some distinctive markings. But she said they’re all very people-friendly animals.  Some of the cats are only weeks old.  Others are what Pearson described as “senior cats.”