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Boats damaged by vandals at Bear Lake

Courtesy Facebook page


The owner of a boat rental company at a popular Bear Lake beach hopes a reward will lead to whoever threw paint on their boats.


Two boats were hit at Rendevouz Beach on the Utah side of Bear Lake; one of the boats has yellow paint splattered all over the window, upholstery, carpet, fiberglass, gel coat, and even the trailer.


“That yellow paint, once it sticks on there, it’s probably around 10 thousand dollars in damage,” said Brian Hirschi, the owner of Rendevouz Beach Rentals.


Hirschi, says they found out what happened when a customer went to look at a boat to see if he wanted to buy it.


“He came back to our other store immediately and said, ‘I’m not buying any boats, they are all splattered with paint.’ And so we actually lost a sale on that, trying to sell one of the boats,” said Hirschi.


He says they found other Starbucks bottles filled with paint that did not break, but it looks like four or five boats in a row were targeted. They believe someone must have tossed the bottles from the highway.


They have a $5,000 reward for information. The Rich County Sheriff’s office is investigating.


“Hopefully it’s an isolated incident. It’s a terrible thing, purposeful and malicious to damage a boat,” said Hirschi.