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Police ask for help finding shooting suspect in Orem

(Photo Credit: Ashley Moser)

OREM – The search continues for an accused shooter that went after an Orem woman as she was walking into her townhome last night.  Officers say they still have very little to go on, so, they’re calling on the public to help.

Investigators say they still have several people they want to interview about the shooting at the Pheasant Meadow Apartments, including a man who the victim has a protective order against.  They have reason to believe this was a specific hit on the victim, and not just a robbery gone bad.

“Nothing was taken.  No words were exchanged.  There wasn’t a scuffle or anything like that. It appeared that she was targeted as she was coming back to her home,” according to Orem Police Lieutenant Trent Colledge.  He adds, “This is definitely a unique situation.”

The victim has been upgraded to “good condition” and Colledge says she will definitely survive.

He says, “She was hit at least twice, possibly more.  I know one shot appeared to go in her back.”

The woman was able to give police some limited information before she went into surgery.  Police don’t have much of a description of the suspect, other than it was a man wearing a motorcycle helmet.  Colledge says they went door-to-door, looking for information, and they hope the public can provide more.

“If we somehow missed contacting you and we have video surveillance or you saw or heard something that you think would be pertinent to the investigation, please reach out to us,” he says.