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Two people rescued from Weber River

(Photo: Rick Bowmer, AP Photo, file)

MORGAN COUNTY – Yet another swift water rescue on the Weber River.  Morgan County Sheriff’s crews had to pull two rafters out of the river after their boat tipped over.  Police say the water is far more dangerous now than it usually is this time of year.

The latest rescue happened on the river just west of the Morgan/Summit county line on Tuesday.  Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy Allen Jacobsen says several people were in the raft when it tipped over.

“Some of them were able to make it to the shore.  Two of them were not, and they were on a rock,” he says.

The swift water teams were able to reach the pair, who were a little banged up, but they didn’t have any major injuries.

Jacobsen says, “They were able to kayak down and remove one individual at a time and bring them to shore.”

This isn’t the first swift water rescue in the Weber this season.  Just last week, a 14 year-old boy had to be rescued when he also became stranded.  Jacobsen says this is not the same Weber River that many people may feel they know because conditions are far worse this year.

“Due to the snowfall and everything that we’ve had, the reservoirs are so full that [managers] had to open up the flood gates to let more water out,” according to Jacobsen.

He adds that anyone who wants to travel down the river needs to make sure they bring someone who is highly knowledgeable of the area, and highly experienced in rafting.

“The Weber River is actually moving a lot quicker and a lot fuller than it normally is, this time of year,” he says.