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Yellowstone gets new safety poster thanks to a viral tweet from a reporter

Yellowstone National Park is getting a new safety poster thanks to a viral video courtesy of a Montana reporter.

Yellowstone and the viral reporter tweet

KTVM’s Deion Broxton had barely hit record on his camera for his shot outside of Yellowstone National Park when he glanced off-camera and noticed the herd of approaching bison that he wanted nothing to do with.

“There was a herd of bison walking right toward me at @YellowstoneNPS today!” he tweeted.

As soon as he noticed, he quickly picked up the still recording camera and started packing up to get out of the way.

“Oh no, I’m not messing with you,” he could be heard repeating.

The whole thing was posted on Broxton’s Twitter account and has been seen nearly 11 million times.

Funny, but also good advice

Yellowstone quickly chimed in, saying that Broxton’s actions were exactly what anyone should do in the situation: keep a safe distance.

The Yellowstone National Park Service staff has now turned the phrase into its newest wildlife safety poster reminding visitors not to mess with the wildlife.

“You saw the tweet, and thanks to our coworkers @NatlParkService we now have a commemorative wildlife safety poster. Thanks again to @DeionNBCMT for the much needed laugh,” the park wrote on Twitter.

The National Park Service recommends that all visitors maintain a minimum distance of 25 yards from most wildlife and at least 100 yards from predators like bears and wolves.

The Park Service also emphasizes that it is illegal to intentionally disturb or feed any wildlife.

Yellowstone National Park has been closed since March 25th due to the coronavirus pandemic.