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Utah saw 26 new wildfires this weekend… and we weren’t under red flag warnings

FILE: This aerial shot shows the widespread scorch left behind from a June fire on Rocky Ridge in Juab County. Photo credit: T. Pollock

UTAH — The entire state of Utah saw relatively calm winds and temperatures in mid-80’s this weekend. And yet, 26-wildfires were sparked.

Jason Curry, Utah Division of Forestry and State lands spokesman, said “even when we aren’t under red flag warnings, people need to be vigilant of their surroundings.”

Curry said from northern to southern Utah and every point in between saw flames. Curry points out almost all the fires were human-caused. Some fires sparked from exploding target shooting, others from malfunctioning equipment, and a few are yet to be determined.  

Officials note dry grass is kindling — if there’s a spark, it will catch fire.  “The only reason these 26-fires didn’t grow into hundreds of acres, is because we had favorable weather conditions,” Curry admitted.  Additionally, the fires were attended to very quickly.

Curry wants everyone to be extra cautious when doing activities outside. “Just because it isn’t a red flag warning day, doesn’t mean fires won’t start.”