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Rocky Mountain Power says it may take into the weekend for power to return to some areas

Rocky Mountain Power

SALT LAKE CITY – Thousands of Rocky Mountain Power customers in northern Utah have been waiting to have their electricity turned back on after it was knocked out during Tuesday’s mega windstorm. 

Now, they’ll have to wait a little longer. As in, into the weekend. 

Rocky Mountain Power spokesman Spencer Hall says the big circuits that power cities and neighborhoods are mostly back on. 

But crews are facing some challenges getting everyone up and running again. 

“Now, it’s each backyard individually. It’s removing trees, putting in new wires. Sometimes we don’t have access to the backyard [and] we have to bring in big equipment. And, then, things are all spread around,” Hall says. 

However, some areas have more damage to repair than others.

Green waste debris drop off locations across northern Utah

“We’re now down to where it’s mostly metro Salt Lake City, and then up in Davis and Weber [counties] and Ogden. So, really, right now it’s just house by house and, as you can imagine, it can be slow going,” Hall says. 

Hall says this is the biggest storm and the most amount of damage Rocky Mountain Power has had to deal with in Utah. 

He says the power is not even back on at his place. 

Crews from Iowa and Nevada have been brought in to help. 

Hall is encouraging Utahns to take safety precautions in the meantime, especially when it comes to food in the refrigerator. 

He also says to keep checking to see when your power might be restored and not to be afraid to contact them until the problem is fixed.