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Utah popular candy
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VOTE: What is the most popular candy in Utah?

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Every year there are all sorts of polls that come out declaring which Halloween candy is the most popular in each state, and every year we wonder who on earth from Utah they were asking. 

So, we wanted to get to the bottom of the pillowcase and see which Halloween candy is Utah’s favorite.

In order to come up with the definitive answer to this mystery that appears every spooky season, we’ve donned our mad scientist costume and created the poll you’ll find below.

We’ve grouped pairs of candy into two groups, sweets and chocolates, and paired up candies in each group to go head to head.

Begin the quiz (tap on “begin” below the graphic) and swipe to the right or left to indicate your vote of your favorite candy between the two choices.

What is the most popular Halloween candy in Utah?

Utah popular candy

Utah popular candy graphic

This is a swiper quiz, swipe right for yes, swipe left for no.

Twizzlers vs Blow Pops 1/6
Air Heads vs Haribo Bears 2/6
Kit Kat vs Twix 3/6
Snickers vs Milky Way 4/6
Reese's vs Butterfinger 5/6
Hershey's vs Crunch Bar 6/6


Twizzlers vs Blow Pops
0 502
Air Heads vs Haribo Bears
0 502
Kit Kat vs Twix
0 502
Snickers vs Milky Way
0 502
Reese's vs Butterfinger
0 502
Hershey's vs Crunch Bar
0 502


Make sure and come back tomorrow to see the results and vote in the next round.

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