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  • Utah

    Utah Task Force 1 heads to Louisiana to help those in Hurricane Laura’s path

    80 members of the Unified Fire Authority’s Utah Task Force 1 are on their way to Louisiana to help people trapped in the path of Hurricane Laura. 
  • Utah Gives Back

    Brain Body Boost (B3)

    Healthy kids make engaged students. Children who are active and eating well are more likely to have improved concentration, are happier, and earn higher grades. But too many kids are not getting the exercise and nutrition they need. SelectHealth has created an online, school-based program that helps teachers, students, and parents live the healthiest lives […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Alliance Community Services

    Providing services and care in a culturally sensitive way has evolved in our community over the years. When we are culturally competent, we can improve health, economic, and social outcomes and increase the quality of care. Alliance Community Services is a nationally recognized, innovative organization specializing in the delivery of health and human services to […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah

    For over a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been helping change kids’ perspectives and giving them the opportunity to reach their potential. In Utah, they help children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better through mentoring. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah engages children […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Beaver County Children’s Justice Center

    Did you know that 1 in 5 kids in Utah will be sexually abused before the age of 18? When this is reported, traditionally, an investigation of the abuse requires multiple interviews by police, social services, medical personnel, and more. The Beaver County Children’s Justice Center aims to change this with their home-like facility that […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Ability Found

    In 1988, because of a lack of oxygen at birth, Matthew Robison was born with several disabilities; he was blind, mostly paralyzed, and spoke only a few words. He lived ten years and during that time the Robison family learned that many people with disabilities were in need of, but unable to afford, the assistive […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Latino Behavioral Health Services

    The Latino community makes up over 14% of our population equaling over 400,000 people in Utah. Studies show that the Latino community experiences some of the highest health disparities in our state. Poverty and lack of access to healthcare are both risk factors that contribute to high rates of mental and emotional conditions and substance […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    The Green Urban Lunch Box

    A college student once wanted to replace the concrete parking lot outside her dorm with a small garden plot, but she knew how difficult it would be to grown vegetables in such an urban environment. Through some brainstorming, they decided to build a mobile greenhouse out of a school bus. This project is now known […]
  • Utah Gives Back


    Utahns have been social distancing for the last few months to serve the public good and that can come with psychological challenges. The loss of routine, fear of infection, financial burden, and isolation from others can take a tole on our mental health. Hope 4 Utah and Hope Squads throughout the state provide peer-to-peer suicide […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Waste Less Solutions

    In Utah, about 600,000 tons of food are wasted every year. Food is thrown away and heads to the landfill which then releases methane gas as the food decomposes. Food waste is responsible for about 8% of global emissions and is the number one item filling our landfills. Dana Williamson took matters into her own […]